Posted 11th August

'Poor ethics' costing UK businesses 'billions'

By KBBDaily on 11th August 2017 - 10:38am

A recent survey by waste management firm has found that 90% of UK businesses are “losing out on billions due to poor ethics”, with British shoppers becoming pickier about their shopping habits and taking more into consideration than just the products on offer.

The survey – which questioned more than 2,000 people – found that 90% of consumers “always take a business's accreditation and record into account” for things like tax, staff morale and environmental issues.

Consumers are drawn to businesses that “proudly display” certifications, the survey found, with 75% of those questioned saying they wanted to see “indications” that a company they were considering using was taking care of the planet.

“What we’re finding is that customers are becoming more and more discerning with the growing amount of choice they have and are aware of bad business practice too,” said spokesperson Mark Hall.

“It’s not just your products or services they’re buying into, but your business ethos as well, so it’s now more important than ever to get and display your credentials. As a business you need to be constantly telling potential customers who you are, and proving that you’re one of the good guys, to inspire that loyalty.”

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