Posted 12th September

ASA bans handheld showerhead ad

By KBBDaily on 12th September 2017 - 13:16pm

The Advertising Standards Authority – ASA – has banned a paid-for Facebook post for a handheld showerhead from, seen on the 27th May 2017, that featured the claim 'Increase your shower pressure by 200%'.

Text on also stated: “Say goodbye to low-water pressure with our newly design handheld shower head, with 250 water laser perforated outlet technology, increasing water pressure up to 200%.”

According to the ASA, a complainant challenged whether's claims of increasing water pressure “up to 200%” were misleading and could be substantiated, and were also verifiable. did not respond to the ASA's enquiries, the authority said.

The ASA banned the post due to the advertiser not providing any evidence in support of its claims. “We told not to make claims about the water pressure of their product if they did not hold evidence in support of those claims,” the ASA said.

“We also told them that, when making comparative claims with identifiable competitors, to ensure they provided information in their ads which verified the claims.”

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