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CIPD calls on Govt to invest £13m per year in HR support for SMEs

Posted today - 10:33am | Careers Advice

The institute said such an investment could be the key to boosting workplace productivity in the UK

British workers struggling to ask for payrises

Posted 11th September | Careers Advice

More than 60% said they hate asking their boss for a payrise, while 35% said they struggled to ask for a promotion to create 100 new jobs in Manchester

Posted 1st September | Careers Advice

The company recently opened its new Manchester sales office on New Bailey Street

Half of all employees want to move jobs within year

Posted 29th August | Careers Advice

Workers cited dislike for their job, boss and the desire for better career prospects as their reasons for job hunting

78% of tradespeople use their personal phone at work

Posted 21st August | Careers Advice

Around 60% of those surveyed admitted to taking personal calls at work, said

Job hopping becoming 'more acceptable'

Posted 11th August | Careers Advice

Close to half of UK workers think it's acceptable to leave a job after less than a year, CV-Library said

Third of UK workers want dress codes ditched

Posted 7th August | Careers Advice

Around 37% of those questioned said dressing smart at work is 'outdated', according to CV-Library

Retail jobs fall in Q2 2017

Posted 31st July | Careers Advice

Reductions in hours are 'particularly acute' among non-food retailers, says the BRC

Bosses reveal 'top workplace bugbears'

Posted 19th July | Careers Advice

Gossiping, social media addictions and bad manners are among the top pet peeves of SME managers

Workers 'being failed' by poor health and safety standards

Posted 11th July | Careers Advice

Close to 20% of those surveyed said they would have 'no idea' how to report a hazard at work

Screwfix CEO to become CEO of Howdens

Posted 7th July | Careers Advice

Andrew Livingston, pictured, will succeed founder Matthew Ingle, who is retiring

Tradespeople named UK's healthiest professionals

Posted 23rd June | Careers Advice

The average tradesperson is active for up to seven hours a day, burning up to 2,500 calories, a survey found

A third of Brits feel happier when receiving 'work perks'

Posted 19th June | Careers Advice

Flexible hours, complimentary food and healthcare are preferred perks of British workers, a survey found

UK workers experiencing 'career slump'

Posted 9th June | Careers Advice

More than 30% of those questioned said their slump was down to a lack of progression, Course Library said

Brits lose 16 days a year commuting

Posted 5th June | Careers Advice

Close to 60% of those surveyed said they would turn down a job that required a longer commute

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