Posted 11th Aug 2017

Job hopping becoming 'more acceptable'

By KBBDaily on 11th August 2017 - 12:56pm

A new survey by CV-Library has found that three quarters of UK workers believe job hopping has become more acceptable in recent years, with close to 50% of those questioned saying they believe it's acceptable to leave a job after less than a year.

Of the 1,200 UK workers questioned, 35% said they believe job hopping to be acceptable because if a better opportunity comes along, you should take it, while 26% cited changing circumstances as a good reason and close to 18% said job hopping is acceptable because a job “might not be right for you”.

Around 8% also said that freelance work is increasingly common, while 7.5% said job hopping offers a wider range of experience. More than 20% of those questioned said they think it's unrealistic for businesses to expect employees to stay in one job for more than two years.

However, a third of those surveyed said they think leaving a company after less than a year means “you haven't given it a chance”, while 29% believe that leaving a job after a short period looks bad on your CV while 20% said it's “unprofessional”.

“Though some believe that job hopping looks unprofessional, many workers across the nation are seeing the benefits, with the majority agreeing that it is becoming more acceptable,” said CV-Library founder and managing director Lee Biggins.

“It’s clear from the data that professionals are always on the lookout for the best opportunities and are keen to progress in their careers, even if this means changing jobs frequently. Though there appears to be no right or wrong answer as to the length of time you should remain at one company, candidates should do what feels best for them in their career.”

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