Posted 16th Dec 2019

Unidrain specified in ‘revolutionary’ eco-cabins

16th December 2019 - 10:30am
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Unidrain’s minimalist linear drains have been specified to appear in a range of Majamaja prefabricated, eco-friendly, self-sufficient wooden cabins. The cabins, which are just 25 square metres but contain everything you need to live comfortably without depleting the Earth’s resources, have been deemed ‘revolutionary’ by Unidrain. Space inside the cabins is fully optimised, and intelligent solutions are utilized for everything from the bed in the wall to the drain in the shower.

Pekka Littow, the Finnish architect behind the project, said: “The island [on which the cabins are located] has not been civilised. That means there is no infrastructure or sewerage, so I started to think about how to build a home in a place like this. I drew inspiration from various places, including the military’s use of off-grid systems, and came up with the idea for this cabin where the thinking is ‘less is more’. The cabins are self- sufficient, while everything is super-functional and takes up as little space as possible. Fixtures and technology are combined in different ways.”

“The Danish design style, which is very minimalist, fits very well into these homes. I have chosen to install linear drains from Unidrain, as they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The dimensions fit so well that I wasable to design the shower cubicle around the drain. The result is really great and I am getting good feedback on it,” said Littow.

Tuomas Autio, one of the co-founders, also noted that because the wooden houses run on solar energy and have water tanks to purify and re-use water, the cabins can be constructed in inaccessible and uncivilised places. In the future, he suggests, this could be essential for developing countries without any centralised utilities. "The cabins are ideal for those parts of the world where clean drinking water and sewerage are far from the norm. We have built a few cabins in Helsinki, with more on the way, but our goal is to create Majamaja villages all over the globe.

"The environment will really thank us for this” he concluded.

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