Posted 24th Sep 2018

Half of Brits think colleagues don’t work hard enough

24th September 2018 - 13:59pm
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New research by CV-Library has found that 56% of UK professionals believe their colleagues “don’t work hard enough”, with more than three quarters noting that this “impacts how they feel about their job”.

The survey looked into negativity in the workplace, and found that more than half of UK professionals “work with people they dislike or find frustrating”, with more than a third adding that their workplace has a “negative atmosphere” because of this.

Negativity at work made 45.5% of those questioned want to leave the company, while close to 15% said they dreaded going to work, 11% said it made for an “awkward” working environment and 5% said there was “low morale” across the team.

However, around 89% of workers said they “always support” their colleagues, but a quarter become jealous if a co-worker gets a promotion. More than one in three also said they become jealous if they don’t earn as much as a colleague or if a co-worker receives a pay rise.

“It’s concerning to learn that over half of Brits feel their fellow workers aren’t pulling their weight,” said CV-Library founder and managing director Lee Biggins. “This can be demotivating, unfair and frustrating for employees. What’s more, the negativity that professionals are reporting is bad news for both workers and businesses.

“Having positive working relationships is important in order to work well as a team and co-operate with others. Not to mention that friendships at work can help to make the working days more enjoyable, giving opportunities for support and socialising.”

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