Posted 18th Dec 2018

Third of British couples want a ‘bathroom break-up’

By KBBDaily on 18th December 2018 - 09:00am
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A new survey by Soap Supplier has found that a third of British couples want a “bathroom break-up” and would prefer to have separate bathrooms.

The survey – which questioned 2,500 couples – found that women rated their partner’s bathroom etiquette at six out of 10, while men rated their partners seven out of 10.

In terms of the worst bathroom behaviour a partner can have, close to half of Brits said their biggest pet peeve is dripping on the toilet seat and not cleaning it up.

Around 30% said they hated when their partner didn’t flush, while 15% said the worst habit was not replacing the toilet paper and 10% said it was leaving the toilet seat up.

Half of couples who share a bathroom said they felt comfortable enough to use the bathroom when their partner is on the toilet – although “men are more comfortable with this than women”.

“Having one’s own bathroom is clearly highly prized,” said Soap Supplier’s Nicky Story. “But if you are sharing, it’s key to maintain some bathroom etiquette for a harmonious home!”

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