Posted 22nd February

Half of homeowners refuse to tip tradespeople

By KBBDaily on 22nd February 2019 - 15:45pm
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A new survey by Heat Insulation Ltd has found that 49% of UK homeowners refuse to tip tradespeople, with the main reasons given being that “good work should be expected and not rewarded”, “it costs enough” and “the price is agreed before work commences”.

According to the survey – which questioned 245 UK homeowners – the people most likely to tip are aged between 45-64, with the least likely being 18-29-year-olds which may simply be down to disposable income, Heat Insulation Ltd noted.

“I’ve personally never heard of one of my staff being tipped, or they haven’t told me!” said Heat Insulation Ltd managing director Ricky Swann. “But I know they can get upset when they hear of other tradesmen getting tipped.

“It’s quite a controversial subject and although it’s nice to hear people get a tip as it often makes them happy, I don’t honestly believe anyone should expect it. A job is quoted and that is what a customer should pay.”

The company also asked tradespeople their opinions on tipping, with one saying: “There are so many cowboys out there that I think rewarding someone who delivers what they promise, or goes above and beyond, is the right thing to do.”

However, an East Yorkshire plumber said it is “crazy” for tradespeople to expect tips: “I’ve only been offered a handful of tips in my 20-plus years as a plumber and I have never accepted them.

“When I quote for a job, I know how much profit I need to make and factor that in. I always ensure I do a good job because I would love them to choose me again in the future or recommend me to family and friends, not because they may tip me.”

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