Posted 12th Apr 2019

TUKC reduces rates for April and May

12th April 2019 - 13:36pm
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The Used Kitchen Company – TUKC – has launched a special, reduced rate in April and May available for showrooms listing their displays for sale on the company’s website.

Designed to help “encourage showrooms to make dreams come true”, the rate reduction has been introduced in response to research which found that 12% of people said they would “never be able to afford” a designer kitchen.

“Our independent and copyrighted consumer research shows just what owning a designer kitchen would mean to so many people, if they could afford it,” said TUKC founder Looeeze Grossman.

“Together, a showroom and TUKC can make the sums add up, even when discounting the price of a kitchen heavily because it has been on show.”

She added: “Rather than unsuccessfully trying to sell through other routes, or just ending up having to put displays into storage, we urge showrooms to act wisely and with a heart.

“They can take advantage of our special April and May rates and get the feel-good factor of knowing their display will find a brilliant new home, and that the environment has benefited, because they made the right choice.”

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