Posted 1st May

Brits neglecting to clean showers and fridges

By KBBDaily on 1st May 2019 - 15:15pm
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A new survey by End of Tenancy Cleaning London has found that the majority of Brits rarely consider cleaning their fridges, freezers and shower heads, with almost a third saying the biggest reason preventing them from cleaning their homes more thoroughly is working long hours.

More than two thirds rarely consider cleaning their shower heads, while 60% said they only clean their fridges and freezers every three to six months. Three quarters of those surveyed said they never give the grouting of their tiles a good scrub despite a build-up of dirt and discolouration.

Mirrors, lighting fixtures and the inside of microwaves were also on the list of objects in the home that rarely get cleaned. Of the 1,746 Brits surveyed, 19% said they neglect things in their home due to finding cleaning tedious or unappealing, while 26% said their children take up all their spare time.

“We all know cleaning is an integral part of the home owning and renting experience,” said End of Tenancy Cleaning London managing director Ivan Ivanov. “Yet, it seems to daunt many of us, particularly due to the time and effort required. Many of us end up putting it off or are occupied by a ton of other responsibilities.

“This research carefully highlights the aspects of the home that Brits either rarely or never clean. Whilst some may come as no shock, others are highly surprising – given how frequently they are used every day.”

Ivanov added: “Brits certainly need to take a more proactive approach towards cleaning all sections of the house rather than just the essentials. Doing so, will enhance the aesthetics of the home and facilitate a more organised living environment.”

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