Posted 20th May

Dishwasher and oven make top 10 purchases that ‘define adulthood’

By KBBDaily on 20th May 2019 - 13:16pm
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A new survey by has uncovered the top 10 purchases that Brits feel “define adulthood”, with a washing machine coming in third place with 36% after the top two purchases of a house and car.

Dishwashers came in fourth place with 34% of the vote, while 32% of Brits believe a coffee machine is a defining purchase of adulthood, and 15% felt the same about an oven.

The survey – which questioned 1,124 UK adults – revealed that Brits most feel like they’ve matured into adulthood at the age of 31. Other items that make Brits feel like adults are lawnmowers, irons, vacuum cleaners and TV licences.

“It’s clear that it’s not just homes and cars that are important adulthood milestones for Brits, with the purchase of household items being more important to many,” said marketing manager Mark Kelly.

“As our research has revealed, many Brits feel the purchase of their first home is a defining marker of adulthood, though I was surprised to see that some of the more regular household items such as coffee machines and irons have been chosen by those surveyed.”

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