Posted 18th May

Professional Focus: Blum UK’s Matthew Glanfield

By KBBDaily on 18th May 2019 - 11:00am

Featured in ek&bbusiness magazine; Issue 160 (Subscribe)

Matthew Glanfield is technical manager at Blum UK. He has a wealth of experience when it comes to various industries working together, including his previous career as a sergeant with Thames Valley Police.

How can a retailer’s product selection deliver advantages to fitters, while ensuring customer satisfaction?

“The retail industry over the coming years is going to face a growing number of challenges from various directions, and we will need to work hard to maintain consumer confidence.

"Thankfully retail stores remain the best way for consumers to see designs come to life and be able to touch products directly. The value of this experience cannot be matched by online options – yet!

“So how best to rise above everyone else? High-quality and superb service are two important considerations that can be ensured with careful selection of products, including not only the cabinets and fronts, but hardware fittings and ease of installation. A great showroom experience needs to be followed up with a lasting consumer experience of quality. A quick installation and smooth handover to customers is invaluable.

“It is in this support that additional value can be found and integrated into the customer experience. Time savings in the installation process benefit both the fitter and the consumer. The fitter needs easy access to technical installation support, quickly and professionally. Either telephone support or electronic support – email, YouTube videos and so on.

“Further time savings can be found for the fitter, in their tooling and equipment. Are there jigs, templates, assembly devices available? These cannot be underestimated as they allow for accuracy while maintaining quick installation. Thinking about time management theory, time savings of five minutes here and there over the course of a working week really do stack up.

“Sadly, repeat visits to correct installation problems are a huge issue for the industry. But jigs and templates assure accuracy and can help reduce the frequency in the short term.

"Of course the quality of the product is what prevents these re-visits in the long term, and Blum’s lifetime guarantee will ensure consumer confidence is maximised. Selecting the right products while thinking about the fitter and the consumer experience can benefit all touch points.”

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