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National Quiet Day: noisiest home appliance revealed

11th September 2019 - 07:00am
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A new mini-poll commissioned by Whirlpool and conducted by Trend-Monitor to mark National Quiet Day has found that – even with the latest noise reduction technology in modern washing machines – 15% of Brits say their washing machine “sounds like an aeroplane taking off”.

More than a quarter of the 1,300 adults surveyed said their washing machine sounded like noisy road traffic. Less than 10% “likened the noise of their appliance to the peaceful sound of rustling leaves”, Whirlpool added.

“Loud, persistent noises can have a significant effect on mental health and a person’s well-being,” said Whirlpool marketing director Marco Falaschetti. “In honour of National Quiet Day, we encourage everyone to take a moment away from the commotion of daily life and seek some sanctuary in silence.

“Through innovation and product design, we have manufactured a range of washing machines that, even during the spin cycle, operate at a whisper quiet noise level. Consumers therefore no longer have to suffer the aeroplane or traffic like sounds interrupting their home life.”

The company is holding a competition to win a Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machine with a “whisper-quiet spin cycle” on the National Quiet Day website.

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