BiKBBI releases flow chart to assess COVID-19 safety

Institute updates guidance to help members decide whether projects can be carried out safely

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The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) has updated its advice to members with regards to working safely and in accordance with government guidelines during the COVID-19 lockdown.


The updated guidance, which comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson reassumes his duties after recovering from his bout with the virus, takes the form of a decision tree.

Members can use the chart to help decide whether it is appropriate to start or continue planned installations. Factors to take into consideration include possible coronavirus symptoms, either from employees, sub-contractors or clients, as well as customer access to bathroom and kitchen facilities while work is taking place in domestic settings.

The decision tree also emphasises that, in all circumstances, only projects that cannot reasonably be delayed should be considered for implementation. If the work is not essential, members are advised to remain at home in accordance with government guidance.

If a project cannot be delayed and there are no obstacles to carrying out work, the BiKBBI points members towards the government’s official Safe Operating Procedures.


In a statement, the institute said it hopes their diagram would ‘aid clarity for the kbb industry as a whole’.