GROHE survey reveals evolving consumer demands on bathrooms

'Expectations have risen considerably which has been accompanied by the increasing complexity of bathroom design and furnishing'

Published: August 3, 2020 at 11:00 am

The demands on bathroom design have risen significantly, with the shower gaining a lot more attention, being preferred over bathing by 64% of UK participants surveyed in a recent study by global market research institute, Explorare, commissioned by GROHE.


Whatever our reasons for showering; whether it’s an invigorating way to start the day, a quick freshen up after working out or for pure relaxation, our needs vastly differ from person to person and even day by day, and showers need to be able to meet this demand.

Alongside flexibility in design and functionality, the survey results revealed that safety and sustainability are two key factors consumers take into consideration when it comes to showering. 78% said that having a shower surface that doesn’t get hot whilst they’re showering was a priority and similarly, 61% deemed a thermostat that can balance out fluctuations in temperature an important factor in their shower’s performance. Meanwhile, around half (51%) of Britons are actively trying to save water with 54% seeking additional sustainable functions from their shower to help them live more eco-consciously in their day-to- day lives.

As many as 43% are now viewing the bathroom as an indulgent space for wellness and relaxation with 48% using the shower to help them relax, the survey found.

The bathroom is no longer a purely functional room used exclusively for personal hygiene. Expectations have risen considerably which has been accompanied by the increasing complexity of bathroom design and furnishing. Retailers, designers and installers can really build an understanding of their customer’s needs by
exploring individual customer behaviour and combining this with their product and industry knowledge to make informed, relevant recommendations.

At a time when 40% of us are using the bathroom for some much-needed space and me-time, conveying the emotional added value of a product can create plenty of upsell opportunities, and ultimately result in a higher level of positive customer satisfaction.

With the new study results highlighting that 36% would like to replace their entire shower systems and 54% desiring a large rainfall shower head that provides full shoulder-to-shoulder coverage, GROHE is delighted to announce the return of its showers cashback promotion.

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