Imperial Bathrooms unveils new management team

Inside man James Stevenson will join new hire John Kitchiner at the helm of the British bathroom brand following Lousada takeover

Published: August 24, 2020 at 3:26 pm

Imperial Bathrooms has released details of its new management team, tasked with supporting the British bathroom brand's corporate renewal plan to execute strategic alignment and operational change in the company.


James Stevenson, the firm's former export director, has been promoted to Joint Managing Director: a key role that he shares with newly appointed associate, John Kitchiner, who joined as Joint Managing Director this July, bringing over 30 years of operations management experience to the company.

Stevenson said: 'The recent organisational restructure is a great example of our continued development and renewed vision, which focuses on nurturing our rich brand history founded on quality product design, so we can engage the next generation of Imperial customers.'

He added: 'I am delighted to come together with John in the new role of Managing Director, as we share the same brand values and vision to shape the company’s future in pursuit of continued growth. Crucially, we want to work together to improve productivity, driving our British-made bathroom products with extremely high pedigree to the UK homeowner in a proactive manner.'

Kitchiner said he was 'thrilled' to join the company, commenting: 'My aim is to direct and oversee the predicted growth that lies ahead, as I feel certain that the fallout from COVID-19 combined with Brexit at the end of the year, will offer huge potential for true British manufacturers like Imperial Bathrooms that are autonomous and have capacity for a resurgence in business.'

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The changes come following Lousada Plc's takeover of Imperial Bathrooms in July 2020.

Simon Lousada, Owner of Imperial Bathrooms, said: 'I am pleased to be able to affect change and refocus the company’s efforts on progressive design and being a leading influence within the UK bathroom industry. We also want to strengthen our share in exports, identifying new revenue streams on both a national and international level.


'It is important for Imperial Bathrooms to remain true to its British ownership and company values, which I hope, will reinforce our presence as a must-have bathroom designer and manufacturer.'


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