Mira Showers conducts survey into bathroom value

94% of prospective buyers said they'd offer more on a property if it had an en suite

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Published: May 20, 2020 at 4:02 pm

Mira Showers has published the results of its survey, which looked into which bathroom solutions would encourage prospective buyers to offer above the asking price when buying a property.


The survey interviewed over 1,000 UK homeowners and prospective buyers, and the results were as follows:

Mira Showers survey results 

• 94% said they'd offer more on a property if it had an en suite (an average of £3,401 above the asking price).

• If looking for a multistorey house, 45% said they would not consider buying the property if it only had a groundfloor bathroom (compared to 19% who said they would, but would almost certainly renovate the house to move the bathroom to their preferred location).

• Over half (55%) said they'd offer less on a property if the bathroom was only accessible via the kitchen, with the average buyer offering £5,949 less than the asking price.

• More than a third (35%) said they'd rather buy a property which has more bathrooms, vs a property of the same number of rooms where most of those are bedrooms. Those who'd prefer to have more bathrooms would offer an additional £4,773, whereas those who'd prefer to have more bedrooms would offer an additional £5,632.

• 84% said they'd offer more on a property where the bathroom was modernised/refurbished very recently, with £3,723 being the average value offered above the asking price.



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