One in three Brits planning bathroom remodel, survey finds

BMA welcomes poll suggesting homeowners and renters alike keen to undertake bathroom improvements this year

Plumber with house plans

Nearly a third of UK adults are likely to undertake a partial or full bathroom refurbishment in the next 12 months, a poll has revealed.


Opinium surveyed a nationally representative group of over 2000 people between 14th-17th July for the poll, which was commissioned by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association.

The poll also indicated that, for all those indicating a propensity to undertake bathroom improvements, the average time to undertake the work is envisaged to be 19 months.

In a surprising result, there are insignificant differences between UK homeowners and wider population in the length of time taken to complete work, suggesting an appetite among renters for home improvement.

Tom Reynolds, Chief Executive of the BMA said: ‘As lockdown restrictions have eased, one of the challenges for bathroom manufacturers has been understanding demand. There have been some early causes for optimism in the market.


‘This evidence reinforces our hunch that people stuck indoors for months might be thinking about upgrading their bathroom. There are still many unknown factors that mean we need to be cautious about the recovery, but this poll gives us a clear reason to be upbeat.’