Plumbers call for more training on water fittings regulations

Water Regulations Advisory Scheme unveils quiz to test plumbers' knowledge of rules

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UK plumbers want their industry training to be updated to cover off broader spectrum of topics and include periodic refresher training and auditing, according to research released by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

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The study found that 91 per cent of approved plumbers believe it should be mandatory for plumbers to undertake water fittings regulations training.

In terms of water fitting regulations, 60 per cent of plumbers agree that more in depth training on the regulations is needed on their courses. The study also found that 55 per cent of plumbers agree that periodic refresher training these would ensure plumbers apply the water fittings regulations correctly.

Although plumbers have called for some updates to current training, almost four out of five (77 per cent) plumbers believe that the current water fitting regulations programme encourages good practise and gives plumbers the knowledge to apply the regulations correctly.

Support for continual professional development resources to be readily available was supported by half of the approved plumbers surveyed. Online resources, videos and quizzes were highlighted as examples of useful tools that could be used by skilled plumbers to ensure continued compliance with water regulations.

Only 40 per cent of plumbers agreed that more auditing of plumbers’ work would ensure plumbers apply the water fittings regulations correctly, further indicating how important the water fittings regulation training is.

In response to the research, WRAS has launched a new online quiz for plumbers. The short questionnaire will test plumbers’ knowledge on the water fittings regulations and is the first in a series of themed quizzes.

Julie Spinks, Managing Director of WRAS, said: ‘We regularly reach out to our network of approved plumbers to get an update on the industry and it has been very interesting to hear their take on the current industry training.

‘It is encouraging that most believe the current water fittings regulations courses do ensure regulations can be applied correctly and these insights are really important for the ongoing development of industry training.

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‘Our new online quiz is fun way to put plumbers’ knowledge to the test but will also help them to understand where they might have any gaps or need refresher training.’