RAK Ceramics has announced the launch of RAK-Sanit, a range of super-hygienic sanitaryware, surfaces and tiles especially designed ‘for post-pandemic society.’

The range, which is produced with a glaze that reduces the possibility of contagion, has been designed for use in community spaces, and can contribute to creating safer environments in both residential and commercial projects.

RAK was the first in the world to supply antibacterial interior design solutions in 2009, with the development of certified antibacterial glazes. ‎

The new RAK-Sanit range builds on this technology, and guarantees to reduce or eliminate the quantity of bacteria - including MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and Legionella - by up to 99.99% and throughout the entire expected product lifetime.

In more detail, the RAK-Sanit range comprises of:

• Solutions for floor and wall coverings in gres porcelain and ceramic, treated with an incorporated glaze that is 99.9% effective in just 8 hours. The products for floor and wall covering solutions are tested and certified in compliance with the Japanese Standard JIS - 2801:2000 and the International Standard ISO 27447:2019.

• Solutions for sanitaryware (WC, bidets, washbasins, toilet seats and lids, rinsing systems) treated with RAK-ProTeK glaze fired at high temperatures onto the ceramic to guarantee a smoother antibacterial surface, unlike standard ceramic material with its rougher surface. The silver ions bind to the cells: once inside, silver denatures the enzymes essential to the production of energy. Being unable to produce energy, the bacteria are unable to reproduce. This technology is therefore able to reduce or eliminate the quantity of bacteria up to 99.99% and its action is effective against a vast range of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as fungi. RAK-ProTeK glaze has been tested by the Artest laboratory in the Italian ceramic district of Modena.

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