Rearo Laminates partners with Claygate for Nuova board

Claygate has become one of the first UK distributors to take on the new product

Rearo Claygate

Bathroom product distributor Claygate has become one of the first UK distributors to team up with Scottish wall panel and worktop manufacturer Rearo Laminates for the latter’s new product, Nuova board.


“Having worked together for over 15 years, we’ve seen both our brands grow from strength to strength and I’m excited to see the Claygate team’s enthusiasm towards our new board,” said Rearo Laminates managing director Graham Mercer.

Rearo north east growth

“We have been in partnership since the launch of our Selkie range and delighted that they are one of the first distributors to take on this product in the market, it seemed only a natural succession. The Nuova product has already been given credit with its use in washroom facilities at this year’s Irish Open event and I am confident of its success and look forward to seeing it develop.”


Claygate sales director Malcolm Thomas added: “We have great partnership with Rearo, they have a fantastic team and the Selkie brand has always been a popular choice for our customers. The Nuvoa range offers an exciting alternative to Selkie and will be a welcome addition to our portfolio.”