SolidNature launches Green Stone collection

The Amsterdam-based natural stone supplier has launched a eco-friendly Green Collection for luxury modern developments

Green Stone Collection

SolidNature, the Amsterdam-based natural stone supplier, has launched its new Green Stone collection.

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The collection – a range that includes semi-precious natural stone slabs in tones that mirror Dulux’s 2020 Colour of the Year – is marketed as a high-quality alternative to monochrome marbles used by luxury interior architects and designers.


The Green Stone collection, like other SolidNature products, is made with natural stone that forms organically over millions of years. It consists of hand-picked slabs that contain naturally green veins, which are carved with diamond or water jet cutters. The stone is suitable for use in projects from swimming pools to kitchens, and clients can view digital scans of their chosen material to approve it before use.