Vogue (UK) reveals new corporate branding

The company has also released a fresh consumer website and 2020 Brochure, saying that the new branding will ‘send a message of confidence’

Vogue UK

Vogue UK has unveiled new corporate branding in order to send a clear message of brand confidence. The company, marking its 30th year, has also released a fresh consumer website and 2020 brochure, in order to send the message that it’s committed to evolving and developing its business at a time when its opposition may not.


Steve Birch, Sales Director, Vogue (UK) says “Our new brand presentation puts down a clear marker for our future growth and development, all supported by a diversified product portfolio that is dynamic and multigenerational. We have been able to develop a new and contemporary brand image, which we feel, better reflects our collection of quality lifestyle heating solutions, talented designers and expert artisans.”

Rebecca Bennett Lakes ASM for the Midlands

“Our proactive business philosophy, new brand presentation and market-leading product creation and refinement, will maintain our standing as the UK’s largest heating manufacturer and continue to simplify and expand the virtues of high-quality, custom-made heating.”


“Thanks to our new portfolio of lifestyle photography, we can inspire end users with a comprehensive range of design options, all available in a broad spectrum of materials, colours and special finishes – a masterstroke for our UK retail network and design elite” says Steve.