Liz Colleran

Liz Colleran is sales and marketing director for Duvalay, a market leader in sleep products and the company behind the Hilary Devey Collection

Why retailers should go to the mattresses

Posted 8th Feb 2017

Mattresses are the number one item that a furniture retailer should stock.

A pretty biased statement, especially coming from myself as a manufacturer of mattresses, but hopefully it grabbed your attention and that is exactly what I wanted, so I could take time to explain why any retailer should make the time and effort to really exploit what mattresses have to offer.

Mattresses seem to be pretty hard done by when it comes to where they are placed in retailers' showrooms, often stuck at the back amongst ex-display stock and old sale items. But why? When you actually take a step back and examine the potential they have to offer, they should be right up there with gorgeous sofas and trendy tables.

And we're starting to see some changes, with the emergence of bedrooms becoming the focal point of many homes; an area of personal sanctuary that many people now invest both time and money to make it as such. This has translated into an abundance of decorative furniture catering for just about every taste that retailers are now offering, including headboards which are often used as a focal point. Lavish velvets, organic linens and warming wool are just some of the materials now being used to tie the room together. We've found that by designing and manufacturing our own headboard range that complements our mattress collection, we've been able to offer retailers a way of drawing in potential customers, and offer the opportunity to upsell extra items.

As a company, we know that mattresses aren't as glamorous or as design-led as a lot of furniture but, through our partnership with Hilary Devey, we've added both a feminine and glamorous element to our mattresses, along with POS to support retailers that adds real impact when people enter the store. With our mission being to create affordable luxury, our design team – headed by Hilary herself – has taken time to look more closely at the aesthetics of our mattresses, adding touches such as gold stitching as well as details such as hand-stitched blue detailing and elaborate lettering – all of which draws consumers to them.

Working together as a team, we're trying hard to move the mattress industry in a new direction – from a male-dominated one, to one which accounts for the vast majority of home design being done by women. While a mattress will always remain partly functional, by adding feminine touches to both mattresses and the wider supporting material, it will appeal to the woman shopper. It is through feminine touches that we are able to support retailers and the furniture industry in bringing mattresses out from the cold and instead taking a more central role within stores.

After all, with the official recommendation that mattresses are changed at least every seven years, it is an area for continual repurchase above and beyond areas such as sofas and dining furniture. And on that basis, mattresses should really be on your radar when considering what stock to sell and which prominent position you should give mattresses!

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