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Stephen Moss is the managing director of kitchen and bathroom surface specialist Maxtop Quartz Ltd. He is also the managing director of Plasman Laminate Products, which celebrated its 70th year in 2016

Why social media is more important than ever to the KBB industry

Posted 24th Apr 2017

You only have to take a journey on public transport to see the pervasiveness of social media. Whether you are on a train, tram or bus, the majority of commuters are glued to their phones.

Young and old alike, scrolling down their phones, checking updates on Instagram and Facebook. (Not that I make a habit of peering over people’s shoulders to see what they are viewing.)

The point is, social media is the place to be.

People source entertainment, communication and news from their social media channels, which is why it is more important than ever that the kitchen and bathroom industry stays connected and continues to create relevant and engaging content that will be shared in the social sphere.

When Maxtop joined the social media world back in June of 2015 we wanted to create a go-to online space for all things kitchen and bathroom related: the latest design trends, maintenance tips and kitchen hacks. In doing so we wanted to provide customers – and prospective customers – with added value.

The goal was to connect with consumers, retailers and installers alike. And social media appeared to be the perfect medium to achieve this.

And so it proved. It is almost two years since we set up our Facebook and Twitter pages, and since 2015 we have amassed some 6,000 page likes and 1,600 followers respectively.

Yes, but how do these numbers relate to profit? A good question, and one I hear often from business directors and financial controllers. Well, it depends on the social media strategy you implement and what goals you are trying to achieve. For Maxtop, it’s all about quality over quantity. Our main goal has been to build an engaged community, focussing much more on interactions and engagements rather than community size.

As a worktop company, we identified kitchen installers as a key group that we wanted to not only engage with, but also educate about the unique benefits of Maxtop surfaces – something we did on over 200 occasions in 2016 alone. These discussions led to new customers joining our growing family of fitters, and we are now at a point where installers are contacting us directly through Facebook and Twitter, bypassing more traditional means of communication such as email or phone.

Often, useful online portals such as Houzz, Pinterest and Trust-a-Trader will be connected to social channels, providing links to and from your channels and offering opportunities to increase the reach of your brand.

Furthermore, with Twitter becoming a part of customer service, we are keen to ensure our social channels are regularly updated with quick responses, providing strong service and sales support. In addition, having spent two years utilising social media, we have found it something that is relevant to both B2B and B2C communication.

With so much of the world logging on to Facebook and Twitter daily, having an active presence on social media allows your brand to connect into people’s feeds and get on their radar.

Not only can you increase awareness, but it is also a space where you can enact your marketing goals, and provide a glimpse into the strengths and values of your brand.

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