Claire O'Brien

Claire O’Brien is head of design at British Ceramic Tile, the UK’s largest manufacturer of ceramic and glass tiles.

BCT design head on what to expect for tiles in 2018

Posted 8th Sep 2017

Each year welcomes new interior styles; from subtle textures to playful patterns. Stay on top of the trends as British Ceramic Tile’s head of design and product, Claire O’Brien predicts the design directions influencing tiles in 2018.

Organic textures
An extension of the esteemed Hygge movement that exploded in 2017, organic structures such as linen and fabrics are transitioning onto tiles to capture added tactile appeal, which helps to deliver a feeling of comfort and serenity.

Texture is still incredibly popular, however, rather than the pristine finishes we’ve familiarised ourselves with, it has become aged, crumbling and rough, bursting with raw beauty. Likewise, harsh consistencies are loosing their appeal, as more people edge toward a softer aesthetic.

Key colours
We’re seeing the continued use of blue hues, from deep inky tones to nautical shades of azure and turquoise. Alongside this, rich, jewel shades of green, almost antiquated in their feel are slowly venturing into decorative schemes. In particular, we’re noticing deeper darker shades in puddle glazes. Green and blue accents are now increasingly coupled together into one striking design.

Blush remains popular and the go-to option for those looking to capture a feminine interior scheme. An extension of Art Deco glamour, blush colourways are being combined with brass accents and fixtures to encapsulate the grandeur luxe of 1920’s design and create a truly authentic flavour.

Small shapes
Hex is still holding strong in tile design, however, we’ve seen them shift to smaller, more intricate formats. Plain is out, and instead the shapes have taken on a decorative mode, from scallops to pencil stripes, through to triangular mixes.

Feature patterns
The feature floor continues to gain momentum, with many homeowners opting for simple walls and bold floors. Whilst monochrome was a hit in 2017, coloured feature patterns are beginning to surge, alongside the familiar shades of grey.

With the consumer love for encaustic styles, eclectic design is still there – but far more relaxed than we know it. Busy patterns are out, replaced by timeless, elegant prints, resulting in a more mature aesthetic – think less urban and youthful, more refined and sophisticated.

Terrazzo only began to slowly take off this year, however it is becoming more familiar so there is still time for it to make its mark in 2018. A sustainable, composite material of quartz, marble, glass and mixed metal with cement, Terrazzo tiles are loved for their heard-wearing properties and reclaimed qualities.

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