Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is Speaker & Panel Co-Ordinator for KBBdigicon, the upcoming Digital Summit and EKBB Influencer Awards organised by Hubert Burda Media UK and set to take place on 28th September at the De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms

Five things I've learnt while working on KBBdigicon

Posted 14th Sep 2017

KBBdigicon is just two weeks away - and having worked on it from the beginning, it's amazing to think it's almost here. Split into two parts – the educational Digital Summit and the glittering EKBB Influencer Awards – it's going to be a whirlwind eight-and-a-bit hours of learning, networking, discovering... And talking of discoveries, I thought I'd make a list of the things I've discovered whilst working on the event, because as per point #3 below, I'm really, really good at making lists.

1. The kitchen and bathroom industry is HUGE

Anyone from the kitchen and bathroom industry reading this - this might not be big news to you. But to me, knee-deep in a fluffy consumer world of fashion and flowers, discovering there's more to kitchens and bathrooms than just 'taps and stuff' has been very exciting.

2. There are some ridiculously talented people out there

My main responsibilities have been finding the perfect speakers for the Digital Summit, as well as engaging and exciting panel members for the e-commerce discussion. I've worked on similar events in my own industry before and, in my personal opinion, passion is always the key to any successful speaker (and career, and, oh, anything, really). I'm ludicrously confident that the people who will be taking to the #KBBdigicon stage are going to absolutely light it up.

3. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing things off a to-do list

...And let's be honest, there probably never will be. God, I love to-do lists. Looking at early to-do lists from the event (from 'decide on a hashtag' to 'check domain names') and seeing how far it's come – from a fledgling idea at the start of the year to an actually fully formed thing – is rather jaw-dropping. The team here at Burda HQ have all worked extremely hard to pull together an event that people are going to love, and it's amazing to think all these months of planning are about to come to a head.

4. Headshots are and always will be the hardest logistic detail to nail

This is in no way a criticism, rather just a general observation that extends to myself as much as it does to, oh, everyone, ever. There's something about a headshot that's a little intimidating, isn't there? If you already have one, you have to find it, and once you've found it, it almost certainly won't be high-res enough, or it will have been taken at that time when you had those curious copper highlights that didn't really 'work', or it will make your nose look big. And then you'll decide, actually, you'd sooner send over a new headshot, but the office photographer is on holiday, and you could try it in selfie mode on your phone but there's no good lighting to be found and this is literally the worst... Anyway. You get my drift. Headshots are a pain – and I haven't even mentioned the fact my phone autocorrects 'headshot' to 'headship' (which isn't even a word...?), meaning that emails quickly batted out in the evening asking X if they can send over their 'headship' ASAP just further adds to the confusion. ( told me I'd need to provide a headshot for this piece, and I promptly broke out in nervous goosebumps and went through all the above steps.)

5. The 28th of September is going to be utterly amazing

Yes, I might be a little biased but regardless – it just is. You're going to learn so much, and meet some amazing people. You're going to be inspired at the Digital Summit, and celebrate at the EKBB Influencer Awards. How many events are there that promise to both educate you, and leave you feeling merry by 5pm? Exactly. I look forward to meeting you in two weeks!

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