Jessica Wibberley

Jessica Wibberley is the head of digital at British Ceramic Tile

Five tips for a great website presence

Posted 8th Dec 2017

Whether you’re a digital pro or new to the online game, British Ceramic Tile digital head Jessica Wibberley has given us her top tips for making your business stand out from the rest on the web.

Layout – keep it simple
When reviewing the design/layout of your new website or website refresh the tendency can be to overcomplicate and overcrowd it, the trick is to keep it simple, go back to basics and ask yourself a few simple questions:

- What will your customers want to know about you?
- What are your key products or services?
- What is the key information that customers need to know about your business?
- What is the goal of your website? To generate leads, sales or just brand awareness?

With the answers to these questions it will help you choose the best layout for you based on the priorities of what you want customers to find first.

Content is king
Content is king but it comes with a caveat: it has to be relevant to your audience. Consumers want to buy the overall look and feel when renovating the home, therefore your website images need to be appealing. Homeowners will search online for inspiration, and if is sells them the dream they will most likely come to you to purchase.

Always go back to who you are talking to, ensure that the articles that you post on your website are relevant and well-written for that audience, ensure the tone of voice is appropriate and that the information provided is helpful for the subject you are talking about.

Use helpful, engaging images and videos on the subject and never try to cheat by copying content from another website, make sure your content is unique and written specifically for your website only. Lastly, update your content as regularly as you can whether this is in the form of blog posts, customer reviews or business updates.

It’s an over-used term in digital but it’s one that cannot be ignored – in 2017 you really do need to approach your website with a mobile-first mind-set. Mobile use has long ago exceeded that of desktop and tablet, and even in an industry that’s full of “old school” traders, they are embracing the mobile revolution.

Mobile-first means you approach your website marketing, design and content from the view of users seeing it on a mobile device, so whether that is writing copy for a Google paid ad or re-designing the layout of your website, you need to have your mobile head on. Always check the content is readable, images are clear and calls-to-action do what they are intended to do by checking everything on a mobile device.

Social media matters
If you have social media channels set up for your business then make sure that these are advertised on your website. Keep an eye on the blog for our next post, which will be all about building your social presence, which is so important in this day and age.

Your social channels should be consistent across either the header or the footer on every page, be listed at the bottom of all articles or on product listing pages to encourage users to not only follow your company on social media but to share the content they are reading or the products they are viewing.

If you have a transactional website, there are lots of clever tools you can integrate to encourage or incentivise social sharing. These can have a great return on investment in terms of increased social following, brand awareness and ultimately sales.

Communication – it’s all relevant
Having a communication strategy is really important, and this doesn’t have to be over-complicated or involve expensive print and postage costs. Email marketing can be free, fast and very effective. The first step is to ensure you are collecting your customers email addresses on your website – make sure this is a key feature on the homepage and in the footer.

It’s a myth that email marketing no longer works. You just have to make sure that your content is relevant, whether it’s introducing new products, services, industry articles or requesting customers to review your company. As long as the content of your emails is relevant, then you should be pleasantly surprised with the response that you get.

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