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How can KBB retailers improve customer confidence to increase sales?

Posted 8th May 2018

When it comes to renovating rooms in the house, such as a kitchen or bathroom, it pays to put in the research and get it right.

Purchasing a brand-new kitchen, for instance, comes at an expense, so homeowners will likely explore a variety of options, from different retailers and designers, to different styles and price ranges, to ensure they are happy with their final decision.

In fact, our latest research found that almost a quarter (24%) of customers will wait up to six months before buying an expensive home interior item, like a new kitchen or expensive sofa. Some customers (7%) are even taking over six months.

With consumers taking a long time to research all their options before they make a final choice, it is clear that buying confidence is currently low. So, how can retailers build up trust and reassure customers that they’re in safe hands when parting with large sums of cash?

Offer a truly omnichannel experience
There are a number of factors that affect a customer’s decisions, whether that’s price, customer service, the quality of the product or the delivery options. Of course, shoppers want to make sure they’re getting the best deal for their money.

Therefore, it’s up to retailers to close the purchasing gap by providing a truly omnichannel experience and engaging with shoppers on various channels, in-store and online, to build better relationships.

Consumers will feel more reassured if they know exactly what they’re getting from the retailer and that they’re reliable. It’s about creating the same experience, regardless of if the purchase is made online or in store – customers should always receive the same great level and quality of service.

Help customers make a decision
Not everyone knows initially what they are looking for when they make the decision to renovate their house. Some people may just be looking for inspiration, so may visit various websites or stores.

To help draw customers in, it’s useful to provide enough detail about all the products and allow customers to compare other items they may be interested in. In store, it’s easier for customers to envisage what products look like because they can touch and inspect them – but this can’t really be achieved online.

Websites should contain detailed information and really clear, accurate photos, perhaps of the product in situ to help customers visualise how it could look in their home. It may also be worth exploring visualisation tech, such as augmented reality (AR) apps, so users can place virtual images of products over a real-world view of the room they’re looking to decorate. This will help them make an informed decision, which will lead them to make a final purchase.

Display trust signifiers
Businesses operating in the kitchens and bathroom sector will be just one of many retailers competing to sell a similar range of products to potential customers. KBB retailers should consider offering a cheaper price, better home-delivery and installation options, or good returns policies as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition and show that they’re reliable.

It won’t seem like such a huge decision if customers know that they can receive their items quickly and can return them just as easily if they’re not quite right. The retailer is also showing that they’ve got the customer at the heart of their operations by taking away all the hassle that comes with home makeovers.

Alongside this, including trust signals can be another effective method of beating the competition. Displaying online reviews on the site and press mentions will give their online presence a human face that can build consumer confidence and improve sales.

Encouraging shoppers to part with large amounts of money on KBB products requires a huge focus on building trust and a strong brand reputation. Only when customers have all the information they need to make an informed decision and feel that they’re getting a good deal will they then follow through with that final purchase.

Retailers need to ensure that they’re supporting homeowners through every step of the purchasing journey to show that they’re reliable and are there to make the process as easy as possible.

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