Mar Esteve Cortes

Mar Esteve Cortes is the director of Neolith, a market-leading brand of sintered stone which is used extensively in both residential kitchen and bathroom applications

Awash with beauty: Neolith’s top summer bathroom trends

Posted 2nd Jul 2018

Traditionally a functional space, the role of the bathroom has extended to include personal sanctuary, encouraging relaxation and tranquillity.

As the room in which most people both start and end their day, consideration needs to be given to the diverse effects of its décor. In the morning, the right colours and lighting can be invigorating. Bedtime, however, requires a more calming atmosphere, to quiet the mind after the tumult of the day.

There’s more choice than ever for the ambitious interior designer. Flooring, walls and vanity tops are available in a wide range of colours, finishes and materials providing infinite inspiration to personalise this private area to meet individual needs and taste.

Having attended a number of major kitchen and bathroom shows across the world, we are already seeing exciting trends develop within the bathroom market in 2018. Here are three of my favourites so far:

Room to grow
Walk-in showers are a popular way of optimising space in what is typically a compact room.

Using the same material inside and outside the shower evokes a sense of continuity, rather than segmenting the area into smaller sections, creating the illusion of more space than there actually is.

Monochrome is where the heart is
The old adage that opposites attract applies even in the bathroom where darker materials are being used to create striking statements in otherwise light, airy settings.

Elegant lighter marbles pair well with duskier tones, appealing to classical tastes, while matt black juxtaposed with polished White evokes a more contemporary feeling.

Wood lovin’
We’re seeing an increase in the use of wood motifs in the washroom. Adding an organic quality to any space, the unpredictable, knotted grain of timber is versatile, able to evoke a rustic atmosphere or combine with dissimilar patterns for an arresting effect.

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