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Katie Georgeson is brand manager with kitchen appliance manufacturer Stoves

Five kitchen trends that are here to stay

Posted 31st Aug 2018

Consumers want a kitchen that will remain in style for at least several years, so it’s no surprise that this room tends to be decorated in a more timeless style than the rest of the home.

After all, a new kitchen represents a huge investment, so it’s important that any updates will last. Here, I’ll share five trends that look set to remain popular with consumers for the next few years.

1. Open-plan living
Of all the kitchen trends we’ve seen over recent years, the trend for open-plan living areas has proved the most enduring. Kitchens are no longer just a utilitarian space for the cooking and storing of food: increasingly, they’re also social spaces where we work, entertain, and relax.

As a result, consumers want appliances that are more than just functional — they need to be a seamless part of the space, too. Integrated appliances are a popular choice in open-plan kitchens, as they help to minimise noise and create a sleek, spacious look.

2. Stainless steel
The industrial look has been a popular design choice for a few years now, and it’s little wonder why. Stainless steel worktops and appliances look smart and modern, and bring that clean, polished look to any space. With their professional, restaurant-quality appearance, steel appliances signal to visitors that the host is serious about cooking, too.

3. Multifunctional kitchen islands
Modern British homes are smaller than ever before and, as result, consumers expect every inch of their kitchen space to work harder.

That might explain why multifunctional kitchen islands continue to be such a popular choice: they offer plenty of worktop space for cooking and can also double up as dining areas and units for extra storage.

Kitchen islands with an integrated hob and some statement bar stools are especially popular, as they allow the host to cook and socialise at the same time.

4. Pendant lighting
Statement pendant lighting has long been a popular way of adding ambience to the kitchen, especially when positioned over a breakfast bar, kitchen island, or dining table.

Clusters of pendant lights are expected to be a big hit over the next year: vintage-style metallic dome pendants continue to be a popular choice, especially in metallic shades like copper or bronze.

LED strip lighting, placed underneath a countertop or unit, also looks set to remain fashionable, especially in kitchens with darker colour schemes.

5. Light, airy décor
Kitchens with light, airy décor have been everywhere for the past few years, and the trend looks set to continue.

White-heavy, minimal colour schemes are popular because they make a space look larger and brighter, and they’re also extremely versatile, as they can be easily updated with the addition of a few new accessories in a bright shade.

So, retailers can expect the trend for all-white tiling, paint shades, and fittings to continue well into next year and beyond.

Trends may come and go, but these incredibly popular kitchen designs look set to remain a hit with consumers for at least a few more years.

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