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Adrian Stoneham is Stoneham’s managing director, and an integral part of the fifth generation family business and overall kitchen industry. Within his role, Adrian’s responsibilities include business strategy, finance, product development and full involvement in the manufacture and sales processes. With a Royal Warrant for its decades-long supply of goods and services to the Royal Family, Stoneham is one of the UK’s leading luxury kitchen designers, with an impressive showroom and workshop in Kent, as well as several retailers around the country

The kitchen trends set to dominate in 2019

Posted 22nd Oct 2018

As the sun slowly sets on the year 2018, many consumers will choose to celebrate the dawn of the new year with a brand-new kitchen. 2019 is destined to be an exciting year for kitchen design, boasting a host of dynamic trends, abundant in choice and style to suit every homeowner. Retailers, get set – take a look at our top predictions for kitchen trends in 2019:

Stand-out sinks
Knock-out, extraordinary sinks will be one of 2019’s hottest trends, so be prepared for requests for them to dominate the year. A resurgence in apron sinks is set to lead the market, commonly made from white porcelain or fireclay but seen more and more in eye-catching copper.

Gold sinks are also growing in popularity, as are earthy materials such as marble and cement, which look especially dazzling mixed with warm timbers and cabinets painted in moody hues. For a real talking point, consumers will begin to consider coloured ceramic sinks, which come in all shapes, sizes and shades, and might just be exactly the pop of colour they’re looking for to reinvigorate their room.

Smooth concrete
For many, concrete might seem like an unusual choice for a kitchen, but given the right setting, its rustic, textured look can set just the right tone, particularly for those looking to create an industrial design.

In its exposed, uncovered state, concrete has a bold, hard-hitting quality; in addition, concrete is a resilient and durable surface, and has longevity similar to natural stone or wood.

As the trend for industrial design continues to dominate the market long into next year, consumers will consider concrete for a bold, striking look.

Black is back
Demand is increasing for kitchen furniture painted in black, and is set to overtake grey in the new year.

Climbing its way back from its heyday in the eighties, black offers a sharp contrast to kitchens devoid of colour and also adds an elegance to a space that no other shade can.

Combined with the warmth of walnut, tones of oak and gold or bronze finishes, black will be the melodramatic trend of 2019 many customers will want to uniquely update the hub of their home.

Copper reigns
Previously reserved for quirky accents in the kitchen such as taps and knobs, in 2019 copper will be found across the room’s largest appliances, from ovens to extractor hoods to fridge freezers.

Boasting the title of ‘Metal of the Moment’ for some time now, it will continue well into 2019 to be used by homeowners to add warmth and interest to any style of kitchen, from modern to traditional and everything in between.

Snug dining
2019 is set to combat discreet kitchen diners with a flourishing trend for cosy banquet dining nooks and corners. This homely, delightful setup will skyrocket in popularity next year and it’s no surprise why.

Not only do these dining spaces exude casual, contemporary charm, they’re also a brilliant use of the kitchen area, allowing for flexible seating and extra breathing space in the room’s layout. After all, a kitchen should be as much about eating and socialising as it is about cooking.

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