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How do you create Instagram-worthy images of your showroom?

Posted 30th Oct 2018

Your showroom is not just about selling kitchens – it’s about selling the dream, and when it comes to social media platforms, there is nothing as aspirational as Instagram.

In theory, retailers have the ideal material for it as it’s all about finding inspiration for the next home makeover. So how do you go about transforming your hard-working displays into ‘like’able images? Here are six tips:

Strength in numbers
Firstly, you have an advantage over most of the other people posting pictures of kitchens on Instagram – most of them have only one kitchen, and the likelihood is that you’ll have more than one kitchen display.

This gives you the chance to change up your material and keep your feed fresh, as does the fact that you have access to unlimited stunning sinks, taps and appliances that most people can only dream of.

If you are a business that likes to host live cooking demonstrations, this gives you an extra string to your bow. Foodie shots work especially well, particularly if you get your technique right.

Try and take your photo in daylight, and don’t rush setting it up, cropping in so you show off any marble or granite worktops you have on display. Food involving bright colours and fresh ingredients always looks better and adds interest.

Minimalism is key
When it comes to creating an Instagram image of your showroom, don’t over-style. Too much clutter can be a distraction, especially when the point of what you’re trying to show is your beautiful product and excellent workmanship, so resist the urge to add too many vases of flowers and bottles of Champagne.

Focusing in on a section of a display can work extremely well. Test it out by taking trial photos as you go to see how it will turn out – what looks as though it might work when you’re staring at it trying to bring it together, can actually look completely different once you’ve taken a photo.

Symmetry and style
When it comes to room sets, shooting straight on works well with a symmetrical image and creates drama.

Shooting at an angle – either side on, from above or below – gives more context as it allows you to get more of the room in.

Although the Instagram ‘grid’ will do its own square cropping, it is also possible to maintain a landscape or portrait ratio and this can make your posts stand out even more.

Let’s face it, most of these photos will be taken by a camera phone, but if you haven’t got the light right, don’t despair. Instagram – or any number of other apps out there – will alter that for you by boosting brightness, contrast and colour saturation, and they’re just as useful when it comes cropping images too.

Keep it fresh!
Keeping your feed updated is necessary if you’re keen to grow followers – if you stop you’ll see they quickly fall away – so once you start your account, be committed to working at it regularly.

When it comes to your business, it could be as instrumental as your window displays in showcasing your product offering, craftsmanship and creativity to reach consumers.

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