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Five top sales tips for selling range cookers in the run-up to Christmas

Posted 14th Nov 2018

While a range cooker is versatile all the year round, there is nothing more heartwarming than a hot stove in winter time. The festive season is when range cookers come into their own, and the run-up to Christmas is the ideal time for retailers to capitalise on this in their sales strategy. Here are my top five tips for selling range cookers at this time of year:

Live demonstrations
Offering consumers live cookery demonstrations on working appliances in your showroom is a fantastic way to engage them with a product as there’s nothing quite like seeing it in action. It’s a chance to show them exactly what an appliance can do, as well as convey the simplicity of it as consumers understandably tend to feel intimidated by hefty instruction manuals.

But why not plan a festive cookery demonstration in the weeks leading up to the big day, complete with lots of mouthwatering seasonal recipes? Everyone’s looking for cookery inspiration at this time of year, and passing round the mince pies afterwards is a great opportunity to engage potential customers in conversation, and answer any questions they may have.

Get festive
While it’s important to keep it classy, why not do some light-touch Christmas decorating to make sure your window displays stand out from the festive crowd? And offering potential customers a warm drink when they come into your showroom is both welcoming and relaxing if they’ve been out there battling to get all their shopping done.

At this point, producing hot nibbles, heated up in a cosy range cooker, will enhance the feelgood factor, and act as a great conversation starter when it comes to highlighting all the things a range cooker is capable of.

Seasonal offers
Think of some additional incentives that you might be able to throw in for consumers who are considering splashing out on a range cooker. How about free delivery or installation, and removal of an old appliance for purchases worth over a certain amount? Or even a complimentary Christmas hamper?

Social media
A Christmas-themed social media campaign is also worth formulating. You don’t have to commit yourself to a full-on ’12 Days of Christmas’ extravaganza, but some beautiful shots of the appliances in your showroom looking stunning, alongside some seasonal treats coming out of them, will speak volumes on Instagram.

Christmas dinner
Don’t forget, this is when a range cooker really gets to prove its performance credentials.

If there’s one thing that a range cooker can do better than all the rest, that’s cook Christmas dinner, and it’s important to build this into your sales pitch.

Some models, like the Nexus SE from Rangemaster, have three ovens – a multifunction oven, a fan oven and a slow-cook oven – as well as a grill, which means catering for large crowds is a breeze. And that’s before you even get to talk about the new induction hob functions.

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