Leanne Adamson

Leanne Adamson is marketing manager at Abode, a manufacturer which offers a comprehensive range of kitchen taps, sinks and bathroom products that blend modern design, performance and quality

Traditionally modern: the merging of the two trends

Posted 27th Nov 2018

A flick through the latest home interest magazines and popular Pinterest boards may have us believing that minimal and contemporary is the way to go in kitchen and bathroom design. Despite this though, the market for traditional fixtures and fittings remains as strong as ever, and certainly shouldn’t be dismissed by retailers when considering which items to stock and display.

Traditional or classically styled kitchen and bathrooms will simply never go out of fashion. However, what we are seeing is a twist on what we may have perceived until now to be truly traditional, as our homes and the way in which we live in them evolves.

Functionality will always be important, whether a traditional or contemporary design is favoured, and it is perhaps this element of the space that presents the biggest opportunity to integrate modern touches.

In the kitchen, the need for convenience and solutions that help reduce our use of plastic has resulted in strong sales growth of modern technology such as steaming hot water and filter taps. While such products may be very contemporary in their thinking, they can still be chosen to fit seamlessly in a traditionally styled kitchen, catering to modern demands while not compromising aesthetically.

The materials and finishes chosen have a big part to play too, of course. In the kitchen, brass and ceramic are often associated with a traditional setting, while combining the two can give the room a modern twist. Taking the ceramic sink as an example, pairing a classic undermount ceramic sink with a contemporary styled tap creates a modern impression without losing its traditional heritage.

Much the same is happening in the bathroom too, with ‘different’ finishes being a key trend that can be introduced into a traditional setting to great effect.

Chrome is no longer the only option in the bathroom, with finishes including Rose Gold and Matt Black being popular alternatives that give a classic bathroom a thoroughly modern makeover.

By introducing striking new finishes through brassware, consumers can inject a powerful design accent to the bathroom, which makes this a popular option for retailers to tap into.

By mixing modern and traditional elements in the kitchen and bathroom in a balanced way, a sense of harmony is achieved, that won’t date or go out of fashion when the next trends roll around.

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