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Brand and digital marketing manager Emma Line has been with Rangemaster since 2014 and looks after the digital brand and social media strategy for the company

Is your website working hard enough for your business?

Posted 2nd January

Your online presence represents great opportunities for your business and is potentially the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. But are you making the most of it? Ensuring it’s working as hard as it possibly can on your behalf requires a few boxes to be ticked.

Making the home page of your website suitably impactful is worth doing. It is, after all, the first impression that many of your customers are going to have of you and your business so it needs to be strong enough to capture and hold attention.

A hero image of one of your showroom displays is a logical place to begin – after all, your website is the ultimate shop window, and this is a chance to show your best work to potential customers all over the world.

Also, consider the information you’re putting on the home page – what do visitors to your business first need to know about it? Do they understand what you do within a few seconds of landing on your site?

Also, think about the language you’re using, and step back and read it to yourself from your customer’s point of view. If your site is consumer-facing, avoid trade jargon and keep it simple and relevant.

Making your website easy to navigate is crucial – people have a low threshold for boredom online, and tend to click away from a site when they’re not able to find what they’re looking for within a few seconds. Simplicity is the secret. Create clear calls to action, such as ‘Book a demo’, and limit menu choices to keep the journey streamlined.

News section
Putting up content on your site outlining the latest events and accomplishments that you and your team have been involved in demonstrates what a dynamic business you are. Sharing content around your latest installs, and case studies featuring some great photography are great ways of showing that you have energy and drive.

The key is to keep material fresh and keeping a news section up-to-date shows motivation, engagement and proactivity, which customers are always keen to engage with.

Also, remember to include people in your imagery as this will always make a site more engaging. So next time you have an event, get snapping!

Mobile version
These days 60% of online searches are done on a mobile, so making sure your website is not only mobile optimised, but looks good on a smartphone is key. There used to be a lot of negativity about placing anything ‘below the fold’ when designing a website as viewing took place purely on a desktop computer, but this rule applies less than it did. Now people are happy to scroll and scroll on their phones, and it’s actually a way to prolong engagement and keep people on your site.

Social media
Your visitors may like your online content so much they want to follow you on social media, but hunting around for the social media buttons should not be something that they have to do.

While the buttons don’t need to be front and centre, above the header or on the sidebar are good places to put them, and also at the top or bottom of blog posts.

Add share buttons to your images for quick and easy interactions – after all, the more people like and share your content, the more traffic will be driven to your site, and ultimately your business.

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