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How to add finishing touches to a kitchen scheme

Posted 6th Feb 2019

A successful kitchen showroom has to utilise a variety of products that work together in harmony, creating a ‘lifestyle’ that customers yearn for when they walk in.

Now, you might imagine the cabinetry is the most important aspect, and broadly speaking, it is central to the overall impression. But the final step in any design scheme is those all-important finishing touches – and we’re not necessarily talking about accessorising a showroom to within an inch of its life!

Instead, it’s more about considering those final details to help bring a showroom together and allow a customer to feel ‘at home’.

The basics
Too often, the finishing touches can be viewed as an afterthought – and while it makes sense to get the major aspects of a kitchen completed first, considering the smaller elements early on in the design process will help ensure a project is well planned and comes together properly.

So, try to identify the key areas that might look like they’re missing something. Do walls and worktops feel bare, or shelves empty? If so, this is a great place to look to add some finishing touches which will help enhance the space; art on the wall or cookbooks on the shelf all help to deliver a more natural and genuine ambiance.

Subtly reflecting colours and materials throughout a kitchen is a tried and tested method of bringing cohesion to a space. So, choose finishes that match your design and then look to items, such as appliances, to see how they can work together. In larger kitchens, this could include the sink and tap, built-in oven or range cooker, freestanding fridge freezer and even the wine cooler.

For example, a high-end luxe scheme is particularly well suited to matching it with chrome or polished finishes on all appliances.

Keep it kitchen-themed
Give careful thought to the items you want to include, so they don’t look out of place. They should make sense in a kitchen environment, so serving dishes, chopping boards a fruit bowl or even an open cookbook can all elevate a display and coordinate the overall theme.

Something black
This is one of those best kept secrets by designers and you’ll soon see that it can really work! Quite often, no matter what you add into a room, it feels like it is missing something, so a top tip is to introduce an item, or a few small things, in black.

This could be a pair of bar stools, some wall art or even the kitchen tap that mixes chrome with black handles and a spout, such as the Aquatrend Black from Rangemaster. These types of features also help to modernise, while adding depth and sophistication to a scheme.

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