Yvonne Orgill

Yvonne Orgill was appointed chief executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) in 2006. She sits on many forums with the UK Government and the European Commission and regularly attends meetings to represent the UK bathroom industry. Yvonne is also the new CEO of the Unified Water Label

Water efficiency can no longer be ignored

Posted 26th March

Every day there are signs that the issue of climate change is becoming more critical. In February, children across Europe took a stand and went on strike to make a protest for governments to take climate change more seriously. The future of the planet is in danger and water efficiency is one of the major issues.

The Unified Water Label provides valuable information on water and energy usage in a very simple and easy to understand format, and the BMA is proud of the role that it has played in promoting this single Europe-wide water label for water-using bathroom products.

There is support from manufacturers, retailers and merchants that recognise the benefits, but we will continue to educate and promote awareness so that it becomes standard practice to look for the Water Label.

The Water Label Scheme helps consumers to make an informed choice by providing easy access to a database of bathroom products that, when installed and used correctly, will deliver environmental and cost-saving benefits. Whilst it is a voluntary scheme, there are currently 12,500 products and 147 brands already using it.

Recent consumer research by the BMA found that consumers would be positively influenced to buy products if they had more information about water efficiency. The results showed that more than 80% of respondents said that water efficiency was quite or very important when purchasing a WC or a shower, yet almost 40% were not made aware of how much water the products would use. The BMA’s consumer campaign will help address this.

The BMA will continue its support of the UWL and is encouraging others to do so. The next step is to increase visibility of the label to at least 80% of taps and showers in the marketplace, thus meeting the European Commission’s requirements to validate the proposal for a voluntary agreement, which would be a huge step forward.

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