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Brand and digital marketing manager Emma Line has been with Rangemaster since 2014 and looks after the digital brand and social media strategy for the company

The power of the social media influencer

Posted 5th April

Social media influencers are holding an ever-increasing sway on the general public’s spending habits, but is ‘influencer marketing’ right for your business?

What is an influencer?
An influencer is someone with established credibility who uses their prominent social media presence to influence their followers. Some only use their sway in a particular sector, such as food or interiors, but others use their large online following to encourage people to buy, watch, visit, react or do just about anything!

How does it work?
An influencer will be paid to post about a product, business or service on their social media channel(s); this could be through a dedicated post or as part of a wider post, for example a YouTuber who posts regular cooking tutorials may mention mid-flow that they are using a new product and list a couple of its USPs before continuing with their tutorial.

But does it work?
Absolutely. It follows the same principal as celebrity endorsements. Companies like Pepsi spend countless millions for the likes of David Beckham or Kendall Jenner to appear in their advertising campaigns, as they know these individuals have incredible sway over audience behaviour and spend.

The benefit with social media is that influencers have amassed a very targeted following; a following that is actively engaged with the content they produce.

Choosing an influencer
It’s important that you choose the right ambassador for your brand, otherwise you will waste your investment. It’s all too tempting to solely judge an influencer’s potential on their reach (number of followers), but it’s crucial to look at their relevance to your market, their engagement from their following, their frequency of posting and their authenticity.

Identify your target audience
The key is to work with an influencer who reaches an audience of your potential customers. This is where a quality targeted audience of 100k followers will see a better return on investment than a reach five times higher to an audience who aren’t interested in what you’re selling.

Know the limits
Put simply, don’t expect the unachievable. As with any marketing activity, it may take time and a bit of trial and error to find the right influencer and to see results. Remember to manage your own expectations; ensure what you expect is clearly outlined and agreed with the influencer so there will be no disappoints or surprises down the line.

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