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Kitchen co-ordination: Stylish colour trends in 2019

Posted 24th April

Whether you’re designing a kitchen to replace an outdated space in dire need of a refresh or are simply looking to accommodate a customer’s new extension, knowing 2019’s most popular colour trends is sure to help you create a showroom or trade exhibition stall that stands out and secures the sales of your designs.

In this post, granite worktop specialists, Burlington Granite, will be sharing the top colour trends of 2019 to help keep your designs at the very forefront of interior creativity.

A white kitchen typically creates the perfect minimalist design, allowing you to show off a clean and tidy kitchen with glistening surfaces. As a result, look to incorporate all manners of the shade, from tantalising off-whites to enticing creams.

If you’re going to introduce a white kitchen to your showroom, have it in a place where you’re sure to maximise both artificial and natural lighting to really emphasise the openness of the design.

Complementing white
If you’re looking to get creative with your design but still want to incorporate white as your main foundation, then you could look at introducing a statement colour in the form of a wall, chair or kitchen cabinet to break up the bright white in your area.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to combining white with another colour – you could use a powder blue tone for the walls or go all out with dark blue tiling.

To complete the look, rather than using white surfaces across the whole design, why not pick a statement granite worktop positioned on top of a kitchen island? This is sure to act as a focal point to any showroom design.

If you’re looking for a neutral colour that has a bit of depth to it, then grey is a great choice for one of your displays. Look to match it with chromes, rose golds or even a midnight black depending on your overall aesthetic goals.

If you want to have a room that feels lighter, then opt for kitchen cabinets with a blue-grey tint, white-tinted surfaces and even an exposed brick wall. This combination of colours and materials will give your area a natural industrial theme – so why not go with it and add hanging light bulbs with no shades, exposing the natural structure of the ceiling for the ultimate industrial effect?

If you want the room to have more of a monochrome look, then swap out the whites with black and match it with lighter grey shades instead. Stainless steel appliances tend to complement a kitchen of this colour combination well, along with the introduction of indoor plants to bring a soft contrast into the mix.

Earthy tones
Earthy colours seem to be proving a massive hit so far in the world of home interiors, with customers leaning towards having brown and beige colours with wood and laminate materials. When it comes to an earthy kitchen, there isn’t one colour that should be used on its own – a varied palette is your best friend.

Opt for chocolate brown cabinets that have lighter shades running through them, combined with beige coloured walls and a grey laminate floor. If possible, position an earthy designed kitchen in the showroom where there are skylights or a lot of natural light, giving you the most effective lighting needed to showcase the natural beauty of the design.

Bold statement colours
You have a choice when it comes to statement colours; you can either use the colour for the cabinets and worktops or incorporate bold walling and accessories.

If you have enough space, you could place an occasional chair in a bold colour of your choice within your exhibition area to create a multifunctional seating area in the kitchen. You could also set the dining table up using crockery in your decided colour palette and have a runner across the table in a complementary shade.

We hope that with some of these helpful colour design tips, you’ll be able to create a showroom or an exhibition space that appeals to your customers and stands out for all the right reasons.

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