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Barrie Cutchie is design director at BC Designs, having founded the company in 1999. Responsible for all design and product output, Barrie is an authoritative voice on what it takes to launch successful bathroom products

The resurgence of coloured bathrooms

Posted 21st May 2019

Colour is a great way of adding warmth to a bathroom and stops it from feeling too clinical from the overuse of white. We’re seeing consumers become more adventurous with how they achieve colour, with a move towards coloured ceramics, brassware and furniture. ISH was awash with new colours and exciting finishes such as matt and silk matt and shows how far innovation within the bathroom sector has come in recent years.

Advancements in technology, both from a ceramics and brassware point of view has made colour more feasible which has fuelled the rise of colour that we see today. We also cannot underestimate how the bathroom industry is heavily influenced by trends we first see emerging in kitchen design with colour now playing a prominent role.

With colour making a strong statement, it is an exciting time for bathroom design and it has never been easier for retailers to offer consumers an unrivalled choice. As with most trends, bathroom colour will start at the top-end of the market before filtering down to mass-market products. While the resurgence of colour is a trend I personally love, especially through the use of brassware, I am not convinced it is a trend that will stand the test of time.

That being said, there are a number of ways in which consumers can choose to add colour that doesn’t have to be as permeant as adding a pink bathroom suite! Choosing pieces that add colour but are adaptable can offer retailers products that cater to a wide audience. One example is our painted boat bath which we’ve seen a 70% increase in orders over the last couple of years. It fits the brief for colour personalisation, and what is great, is once a homeowner has had enough of the colour, it can be repainted using the guidelines set out. You’ll also find a traditional shape such as a coloured boat bath can work as a chameleon, blending into both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Colour can also be achieved by thinking outside the box too. When we think of colour, we traditionally think of brighter colours, but retailers can offer other, more subtle products including those with metallic elements. Our Copper Boat Bath Collection which is
available in four warm metallic finishes of Copper, Copper/Nickel, Nickel and Tin, is made using traditional handcrafted techniques that have been used for centuries. Full of character, each bath has subtle colour variations, making it unique to the customer.

This is true of finishes as well. Matt and silk matt finishes were one of the highlights of ISH. It is an area we’ve developed over the last year or so, and this year will see us launch a matt silk concrete-inspired bath that will tap into the industrial trend.

This is the same when it comes to brassware as we see more colours and finishes coming through and it will make a huge impact and certainly create some show-stopper bathrooms. It is also a great way of reducing that clinical feel to all-white bathrooms that I have talked about previously. There is now a vast array of coloured brassware products such as shower heads, taps and shower accessories with brushed gold being a particular favourite of mine as it works so well with the navy blues that remain popular.

Image credit: Ripples featuring bathtub from BC Designs

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