Jim Geddes

Jim Geddes founded JS Geddes in 1984 and has experience working across all areas of the business. He strives to ensure his staff are focused on reaching the standards required to keep his company at the pinnacle of the kitchen industry

Business Spotlight, August 2013

Posted 7th Aug 2013

KBSA: What three things have you changed or done differently during the recession?

JG: The last four years have seen us add another showroom, invest heavily in our existing showroom in Kilmarnock, and renew things such as vehicles and signage to reflect new logos and colours. We feel the best way to meet a downturn in the market is to ensure our company is as sharp and professional as possible. We believe there are still clients out there wishing to purchase quality kitchens and our challenge is to retain as much of the market as possible.

KBSA: Has your product offering changed or expanded in the last three years?

JG: We believe that consolidating and being loyal to our existing suppliers will ensure we receive the best possible service at the best price. Keeping our existing portfolio will also mean our staff have a complete knowledge of the product we are selling.

KBSA: How have you found the support of your suppliers and manufacturers during the recession?

JG: By committing to suppliers we are receiving commitment back. Our major suppliers are working hard to make sure we have the best possible tools available to service our clients.

KBSA: Do you charge clients and potential clients for your designs?

JG: As a rule we don't charge, although we do limit the amount of work we will do for a client without their commitment to us.

KBSA: You have one wish for the future – what is it?

JG: That governing bodies realise that the kitchen industry requires proper professional training. University and college courses are created throughout the country with qualifications there to be attained. We have a need in this industry for designers, surveyors, fitters, order processors etc. Only by creating these courses will the industry and the people who work within it be taken seriously by architects, specifiers and clients, and have some value placed upon their talent. At Kitchens by JS Geddes we have created our own training programme and now many members of staff have come up 'through the ranks'.

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