Jo Axtell

Jo Axtell is the senior marketing manager of Iflo, the trade only bathroom brand available exclusively through the Travis Perkins Group.

On the road again

Posted 5th Sep 2013

Earlier this year, Iflo held a series of bathroom road shows throughout the country, covering regions from Dunblane to Weston Super Mare. The aim was to introduce 500 team members from City Plumbing Supplies and Travis Perkins to the latest product innovations, not only presenting them with technical information but allowing them to get hands-on experience with each piece.

In such a competitive market, it is important our showroom staff have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges designers and installers face, as well as the solutions homeowners are looking for. While our sales team can read about the products in marketing literature, the road show creates a free environment for them to touch and feel the product while asking any questions they may have – often specific to questions previously asked by customers.

A road show is an ideal opportunity to educate staff on the characteristics of products, building their confidence ahead of any queries they may have to face. This interaction will also ensure they are aware of a brand's key messages and can in turn encourage brand loyalty.

The time spent with a sales team also plays a vital role in future product development. In addition to looking at what the market demands, feedback from those who deal with customers and end-users on a daily basis is an incredibly important resource.

While not every brand will have the opportunity to hold road shows, they are an important way to convey brand messages, speak directly to the audience and develop brand integrity. They are invaluable for building positive relationships between sales teams, branch staff, and those involved in the direction of the brand – allowing expertise to be shared through invaluable feedback that couldn't be gained through any other method.

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