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Lynne Wilson is a director at WD Bathrooms and has worked there since 2005, having previously headed up Pendragon PLC's call centre team

Are baths still worth having?

Posted 10th Sep 2013

Spatial and water-related concerns mean that baths are no longer viewed as the bathroom necessity they once were, with the more utilitarian shower providing a better fit for our faster-paced lives. With a shower, there's no waiting for it to fill up and you can be in and out in three minutes or less each morning before work. Ideal.

There's also the modern trend of washing more than once a day. Hot commutes, warm weather and fitness hobbies are just a few more reasons why showers are the cleanser of choice. Or are they?

Like many others on this website, my company is in the business of selling bathrooms – and that includes baths. From acrylic baths to shower baths, whirlpool and air spa baths to freestanding baths, are our baths still in demand? You bet! Our sales for baths so far in 2013 are over 25% higher than 10 years ago – this, despite the fact that space in new-builds is always at a premium.

What has changed about bathrooms is the number of them people have in their home. Any new-build family home will usually have more than one bathroom, and while every single one of those bathrooms is unlikely to have a bath, the main family bathroom will include one. Have you ever tried washing a toddler in the shower?

New bathroom building regulations emphasise water sustainability – and rightly so. While there's no doubt a shower of five minutes or less with a low-flow shower head is going to use a lot less water than a bath filled to the brim, a 25-minute shower can end up using more water than a semi-full tub.

The therapeutic qualities of the bath are what many people desire, with a soak offering relaxation, improving circulation and – in some cases – helping to relieve pain. A bath doesn't need to be a daily occurrence, but as a relaxing treat once or twice a week it's hard to beat.

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