Customers? Handle with care!

Posted 17th Sep 2013

At the Bathroom Business Conference last year, to the surprise of many in the industry, we tackled the 'elephant in the room' – the fate and future of the high street.

This year we are hoping to surprise people again, when we use the main conversations of the conference to focus on those with whom the fate of the high street lies – customers.

On 8th October at Carden Park, it won't be an elephant under discussion, it will be a more delicate subject: your customers. And, just like a delicate blossom, customers need to be handled with care.

This year's Bathroom Business Conference is shaping up to be another stunner. Eight hand-picked, internationally renowned speakers have been engaged to speak during the day-long event about their passions. They are guaranteed to inspire delegates with their experience of customers and how they tick, they will tell us about customers they know in their particular fields and bring a different way of tackling the subject to the kitchen and bathroom industry.

We will hear from the man who described the products he sold as 'total crap', and from the doctor who has researched how people wash. We will also learn about customer relationship management. There will be a presentation from the man who looked into your eyes and realised they are not enough to inspire him, and from a CBI director who urges you to change or die.

To get involved in the debate, use #bathconf on Twitter.

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