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How one spa junkie learned to love Tenerife

Cheryl Gurner

10 days of being pampered has Cheryl Gurner sold

Individuality will drive future sales in bedrooms

Tim Gent

For Tim Gent, offering limited options in bedroom design is not enough anymore

Oh La La!

Cheryl Gurner

Cheryl Gurner's less than salutary adventures in French bathrooms

This bathroom ain't big enough for both of us

Cheryl Gurner

One bathroom just isn't enough for a couple, argues Cheryl Gurne

No so grand bathrooms at Grand Designs Live

Sofia Charalambous was not impressed by the bathroom stands at Grand Designs Live

We must bridge the gap between learning and employment

Vanessa Brady

SBID president Vanessa Brady says training is only part of the journey to employment

Future-proof your bathrooms - install a home spa

Cheryl Gurner

An awkward bath reminds Cheryl Gurner of the benefits of the shower room

Fair trading separates the amateurs from the pros

Vanessa Brady

Offering trade discounts to consumers harms the design industry, says Vanessa Brady

What are Eco Bathrooms advertising, bathrooms or X-rated channels?

Sofia Charalambous takes issue with one bathroom company's adverts

UK loos leave much to be desired

Cheryl Gurner

Cheryl Gurner has had enough of sub-standard sanitation

The cost of sales in the year of the dragon

Vanessa Brady

The UK economy may be stagnant, but the web opens new doors, says Vanessa Brady

Crossing the pond: bathroom retail, US-style

Cheryl Gurner

Cheryl Gurner explains the challenges that come with working in the US

Behave and engage: it's the secret to success

Vanessa Brady

There's a lot to be said for industry teamwork, argues Vanessa Brady

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