Five ways to give your customers affordable, luxury kitchen and bathroom updates

Trendy Floors offer a five step plan to help to businesses provide customers with cost-effective solutions for remodelling

Remodelling a kitchen or bathroom comes with considerable costs and for those in the market for a luxury finish, this can see their budget diminish quickly with little to show for it. So, if you have clients who want to live in luxury but don’t want the expensive price tag, how can you help?


Today, our friends from Trendy Floors are offering some insights to help you provide your customers with cost-effective solutions for pulling off a grand kitchen or bathroom remodel.

1. Put the focus on fancy features

5 ways to give your customers affordable, luxury kitchen & bathroom updates

In the name of grandeur, it’s often more worthwhile for homeowners to choose one standout luxe feature that will bring the room together, rather than trying to focus on everything at once. For the bathroom, this might be an eye-catching drench shower or a free-standing bath that’s then accessorised on a shoestring budget. In the kitchen, your clients might want to invest in a quality quartz worktop. If budget allows for it, putting money into the room’s most prominent feature is the way to go, as it’s often easier to pick up those little low cost added extras.

2. Explore alternative flooring options

Flooring plays a key role in any room, and especially for smaller spaces, clients need to make sure they choose wisely, as this will be down for the foreseeable and covers so much of the space. It’s well worth recommending that they explore different types of flooring that ooze all of the luxury you’d expect to see from higher end products. For example, for those who are keen to replicate authentic hardwood floors, LVT click flooring could be the perfect solution – providing a natural wood look at a fraction of the cost.

3. Add opulence with lighting

5 ways to give your customers affordable, luxury kitchen & bathroom updates
5 ways to give your customers affordable, luxury kitchen & bathroom updates

In interior design, lighting has the power to completely alter the look of a room – and if this is an afterthought, it could let down the rest of the space. So, when advising them on ways to add opulence to their kitchens or bathrooms, make sure this is high up on their checklist. As one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to create a luxury effect without needing a huge budget, from the ambient hue of the lighting itself through to dramatic pendants and upcycled chandeliers, with a little clever thinking, your clients can ensure their lighting choices make a big impact.

4. Incorporate metallics

Certain materials just signify splendour, and this makes accessorising on a budget a breeze. When in the design stages of planning their rooms, discuss with clients the option for metallic splashbacks or offer up suggestions for ways they can add metallic touches once the installation of their kitchen or bathroom is complete. This could be as simple as dipping vases and jars in gold paint or swapping standard drawer knobs and handles for metal alternatives.

5. Bring in bold colours

Nothing says opulence like rich colours and jewel tones, so whether clients are looking for the finishing touches to their bathroom remodel or they simply want to update certain aspects of the kitchen, a quirky wall hanging here and a striking candle display there could have the desired effect. From dark greys and navy blues to ruby reds and emerald greens, clients can give their rooms the perfect elegant finish with these colours.


In terms of trends, it can be a challenge to keep up-to-date with what’s coming next, meaning it’s a constant battle when giving your clients interior design advice. But luxury never goes out of style, and no matter what their budget, with these 5 handy tips, you can help homeowners design their dream kitchen and bathroom spaces on a budget.