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When it comes to design inspiration in the kitchen and bathroom industry, influences and trends can come from all across the globe - and if you want to know what’s set to be big in the coming months and beyond, this piece will be casting an eye to the future.


Joined by global bathroom specialists, Jaquar, this piece will take a journey to the far reaches of the globe to discover which kitchen and bathroom interior design trends will be making a lasting impression as we head into another year (yes, 2020 really isn’t that far away).

Simplicity reigns supreme

For those with clients who crave clean lines, simple colour palettes and sleek finishes, there’s good news - simple and minimalist interiors will remain a popular trend for both kitchens and bathrooms as we head into 2020.

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Much of this desire comes from the growing emphasis on wellness, that’s spreading into home interior design like wildfire thanks to well-known advocates of minimalism like Marie Kondo. However, the essence of stripped back living isn’t looking to be quite so austere and all-white as it has been in previous years.

In contrast, the current emphasis is on function-first spaces that use a well-balanced combination of different textures and clever storage solutions to create the illusion of a simple interior that’s far more complex when you scratch beneath the surface.

In terms of kitchens and bathrooms, think soft neutral hues paired with dark wood or polished stone, peppered with pops of colour or metallic accents - the overall look will feel sparse yet still deliver a human element.

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Clever curves bring softness

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For many of us in the industry, curves have been noted as a classic design feature rather than a contemporary one - particularly in bathrooms. Yet some kitchen designers are reinventing the use of the curve in unlikely ways, like UK based 2LG Studio, who’ve been using soft-curved cabinets to inject a wonderful elegance that’s instantly eye-catching.

While there’s a hint of art deco style within curved designs, its installation in functional spaces like the kitchen give it an incredibly fresh and cutting-edge look. Primed for the above pared-back aesthetic, this could be the perfect way for your customers to bring that softer, human element to their minimalist kitchen design.

For bathrooms, similar principles apply - curved cabinetry, shower cubicles and bathtubs work to deliver a subtle finish with a hint of nostalgia, but when set against hard materials like polished granite floor tiles or shiny glass splashbacks, the overall finish is more contemporary than classic.

Copper keeps on coming

Copper has been the metallic material of choice for 2019 for trendy fixtures and fittings, and its favour doesn’t seem to be diminishing any time soon. However, it’s branched out from these typical uses with German and Italian appliance designers incorporating this colourful metal into some of their latest product ranges.

From Smeg and De Detriech’s copper trims on built-in ovens to Bertazzoni’s full-on copper oven design, it’s clear that if you want to offer your customers the latest trends, having at least a glimpse of copper within your kitchen and bathroom ranges is essential.

For a fully integrated style, take inspiration from Fendi Cucine’s Ginger range, that beautifully combines Calcutta Gold marble and Copper Bronze to create an ultra stylish kitchen island that not only looks amazing, but is highly functional too.

The evolution of industrial style

There is still very much a place for industrial style in modern kitchens and bathrooms, but like every interior design trend, it’s evolved to bring an equally impactul aesthetic that feels fresh and exciting.

For bathrooms, prepare to see far more instances of exposed plumbing that project the utilitarian ethos behind industrial style. While copper will naturally be a go-to here for colour and beauty, those looking for a more rugged and raw finish should keep an eye out for gunmetal and pewter fixtures and fittings.

Also becoming increasingly common in modern industrial-themed bathrooms is the appearance of concrete, which has already become a regular feature in kitchen designs. From moulded sinks and baths to floors and walls, this material is becoming a mainstay in modern bathroom and kitchen design and can be complemented by natural elements like wood and wicker to give it a softer, homely finish.

For industrial kitchens, of course, concrete will remain an important material, as will metal. But as you’d expect, it’s not the usual stainless steel worktops and cabinets we’ve become accustomed to. Instead, the trend leans towards a traditional style like the British Crittall window frames,using darker metals to deliver delicate, geometric structures that demand to be noticed. From suspended shelving frames to semi-transparent storage walls in open-plan kitchens, these sturdy structures deliver functional and fashionable features industrial enthusiasts will love.


When it comes to interior design, there are some styles that remain timeless - yet even these evolve in some way to give them a slightly new edge. Keeping up with these changes can be a challenge, but for those in the bathroom and kitchen industry, we hope this article gives you plenty of ideas on how to keep your finger well and truly on the pulse with inspiration from around the world.