While the world has been thrown into disarray since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, there have been lots of heart-warming stories and positivity to come out of it too. Neighbourhoods have rallied together to look out for their elders and those who may be more vulnerable, whole streets have gathered on their doorsteps to clap for the NHS and people have given generously of their time to help where it is most needed. Community spirit has come to the forefront like never before.

And while, certainly in the early days of the outbreak, the supermarkets were inundated with consumers panic buying toilet roll and pasta, local independent retailers, from grocers and butchers to greengrocers and milkmen, saw a rise in footfall as people realised the benefit of shopping locally and supporting small businesses. Long may this continue and let’s hope that this shopping pattern continues long after the virus itself has abated, as it can be only be a good thing for the plight of the high street.

A similar trend is being seen in the kbb industry too, albeit perhaps on a national rather than a local level. Consumers stuck at home are turning their minds to DIY and home improvements to pass the time, yet are hit by a problem when it comes to ordering fixtures and fittings. That’s because many brands are manufactured overseas and with air travel suspended and restrictions in place around the globe, distribution is faltering. Homeowners in the process of revamping their kitchen or bathroom are therefore faced with the choice of putting their projects on hold indefinitely, or opting for a British brand instead. By buying British, consumers are less likely to be faced with supply problems as stock will be available even if manufacturers are slowing down production in line with the Government’s social distancing guidelines.

British manufacturers such as Abode are in a somewhat favourable position as they are not just the brand, but the distributor too and tend to hold a few months’ worth of stock in their UK-based warehouses, which may just see them through the worst of the crisis.

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This offers a ray of light for consumers who do want to battle on with their home improvement projects and give their kitchens and bathrooms a freshen up, perhaps with new brassware. And of course it doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality either, as the Made in Great Britain label is one to be proud of due to the high manufacturing standards it represents.