‘Shrinking living space a major factor in 2020 kitchen design’

Scavolini's CEO has revealed savvy storage will be an emerging trend in 2020


Fabiana Scavolini, the CEO of modern kitchen manufacturer, Scavolini, has revealed that shrinking living space will play a major role in the kitchen trends that emerge in 2020. Scavolini, who recently revealed her top four defining kitchen trends for next year, suggested that a decreasing amount of living space in consumer homes will lead to an increased demand for storage savvy solutions.


She also suggested that ‘unobtrusive kitchens’, – in which kitchens are designed around a desire to conceal working elements – will be on the rise, while rising kitchen renovation costs will see consumers become more concerned with the performance and longevity of kitchen materials as opposed to aesthetics.

Scavolini MadeinItaly

When discussing the upcoming trends, Scavolini noted: “Given the cost of renovating the kitchen, I believe that the average consumer is now less influenced by colour trends and more influenced by the performance and longevity of the materials used.

“One of the trends that will define 2020 is shrinking living space, which directly impacts the kitchen and the demand for savvy storage solutions. The unobtrusive kitchen is another trend gathering momentum in 2020 – largely influenced by open-plan living, the desire to conceal the working elements of the kitchen from the living and dining areas is driving this trend. Like shrinking living space, the unobtrusive kitchen isn’t new. However, it is evolving and this requires updated solutions. What started out with generous banks of storage hidden behind tall doors has since moved on to include all elements of the kitchen.


She also added: “Another trend set to continue is customisation. Every kitchen client is unique and smart manufacturers understand that they want to treated as such! The challenge of mass customisation for manufacturers is having to rethink every step of the manufacturing process, from design all the way to delivery.”